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ACS is a global provider of Custom Software Development, Onshore/Offshore Software Outsourcing Services. No matter what type of development service you require, ACS will deliver it on time and meet your specific requirements.


Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development
ACS's Custom Software Development service includes:
  • Web application development
  • Desktop application development
  • Mobile application development

Our experts have strong knowledge of the latest technologies currently available such as .NET, Java, AJAX, and many others. We have the capabilities, mentalities and experience to undertake any size of Custom Software Development projects from the beginning to end, under budget, on schedule and with the result that will exceed your expectations.

At ACS, we follow a process oriented development methodology designed to minimise project risks and development times. We focus on solutions that fulfil the business goals, instead of merely providing technical solutions.

The approach that we adopt is the slightly modified version of the Waterfall methodology, where the project is flowing steadily downwards through the phases of Requirement, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Maintenance.

Onshore/Offshore Outsourcing

Onshore/Offshore Outsourcing
ACS provides several outsourcing models for you to select depending on your specific needs. You are welcomed to select one of our models, some combination of them, or parts of every model we have, depending on the project phase and needs. And here are your options:
  • Full-Time Engagement
  • Project Based Development
  • Offshore Development Centre

Most of our existing customers chose to begin with a flat fee Project Based Development for a Test-Drive before they decided to use a dedicated facility for their offshore development needs (Offshore Development Centre).

When you choose to outsource to ACS, you choose decreased your development costs up to 60% allowing you more times and budgets to focus on the business's core competencies.