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Full-Time Engagement Outsourcing

If you have an idea or concept and want some software developers to execute your concept, or desire to manage your project and developers yourself from concept to execution, or simply extend your development capacity, our Full-Time Engagement (FTE) outsourcing model will suite you. In this model, you will be managing and instructing your developers who sit in our office to work on your software projects. This leads to increased transparency and a higher rate of understanding the goals and requirement that have been prescribed by you.

Full-Time Engagement Outsourcing

In terms of technical skills, our FTE Teams have variety sets of technical skills focusing on the 2 latest technologies dominating the IT market: Microsoft .NET and JavaOne. Aside the technical skills, our FTE Teams have been praised for these qualities:

  • Communication Skills.
  • Predictability.
  • Knowledge of client business industry.

Clarity in communications is very important in a project, more so when you do not often see a developer face-to-face but interact via email, chat, and telephone. Our FTE developers are trained to be on the same page as our clients, in order to avoid time delays and project mishaps.

Vendor predictability is also vital for an outsourcing buyer. It is important for the latter to know when a developer says he'll deliver in one day the client is VERY SURE that the developer will deliver in one day and won't delay. This comes from trust and working together and can be experienced only while working with the developers.

Knowledge of your business domain is crucial. Each industry has its own jargons and protocols. Unless a person knows the industry clearly he cannot perform on a project aimed at that industry. Our FTE developers have experiences in most industries and are quick learners.

Additionally, our FTE developers can be trained to meet your specific needs/technologies, and we can also adapt our quality controls, and processes to align with your business practices.

This set up is for an economical monthly rate with no hidden cost. You simply pay for software developers who will work for you for 160 hours a month.